A week full of ambiance and stories
What kind of effect do animals have on student wellbeing? What are flexible learning environments like? Do adults change as a result of young people growing up? How can social abilities be learned with the arts aid in special education? An answer to these and many other questions was sought during the 2023 Helsinki Education Week. The week started snowy and white, but the atmosphere was colourful
Helsinki Education Week begins today and it's filled with excitement
A week left before the Helsinki Education Week- feelings from the organisers
A week-long celebration of learning is just a week away as Helsinki Education Week starts in the 30th of October.
Events for the guardians of learners as well
Helsinki Education Week is primarily aimed at those working in childhood and education as well as their students. However, many of the events are open to everyone, and the programme of the week features events that are sure to interest the guardians of learners as well. Please note that these events are mainly held in Finnish.
An All-Around International Celebration Week
During the celebration week, Helsinki learns, but so do the international learning experts who visit the city during the week.
Photography and highlight sharing of the events
Do you want to share your thoughts and experiences from the Helsinki Education Week? Or snap a couple of photos showcasing the atmosphere from your events? Awesome!
Helsinki Education Week provides 150 different events this year
The diverse and plentiful programme of the week has now been published in its entirety.
Participating in events
Registration for event participation is done with individual userprofiles, that you can create through the website by clicking the “sign up” button in the right upper corner.
The first events of the programme for 2023 have been published!
Helsinki Education Week, held at the end of October, is rapidly approaching. There's still time until September 15th to submit event proposals. Unlike in previous years, event proposals won't be published all at once when the deadline for submission closes. Instead, the first events will be published on the website in August to serve as inspiration for individuals considering organizing an event.
How do I organise a virtual event?
A virtual event can be organised using the same principles as for distance learning online. Make sure that you have the necessary equipment and that your internet connection and applications work.
Helsinki Education Week takes place in autumn 2023 –theme is wellbeing that supports learning in Helsinki
Helsinki Education Week will take place from 30 October to 3 November 2023, covering the whole city. After a three-year break, the week brings together all learners and more than 14,000 teachers and education professionals for local events. During the week, schools and other educational institutions and daycare centres will hold a range of events focusing on wellbeing and learning.
Helsinki Education Week is over – “The best part was getting to share knowledge”
The fourth Helsinki Education Week was held in the first week of November. The event week gathered more than 1,700 participants from around the world who came to learn about the skills required in the future.
A Celebration of Learning – Helsinki Education Week Starts Today!
The wait is over: the week-long Helsinki Education Week starts today! We welcome you to discover skills of the future at events created by teachers, learners and international innovators. We asked the event organisers for their thoughts about the opening.
More than 100 events that are full of future skills, sustainable development and – foxes!
The Helsinki Education Week programme of events has been published! The selection of more than 100 events has something for all teachers, learners and parents interested in skills for the future. Click to join this virtual celebration of learning, held in the first week of November.
Come along and join! 5 tips from teacher to teacher to organise an event
“It was a fantastic experience that really brought our class closer together”, says Tiina Halttunen, a class teacher from Vattuniemi Primary School, who participated in the international Clean Energy workshop with her class in 2020. To this story, we collected five of Ms. Halttunen's best tips for teachers who are thinking of organising an event for the Helsinki Education Week.
Helsinki Education Week takes place virtually in November – programme proposals to be submitted now!
Helsinki Education Week is a celebration of best learning practices, and this year it will be held from 1 to 5 November.   The theme for 2021 is Designers of the future.
The keys to a successful event – Submit an event proposal for the Helsinki Education Week!
Helsinki Education Week is an internationally unique event. The event programme is created by the real education experts – teachers and education professionals themselves. Submissions for event proposals are now open. Here are examples from last year for inspiration.
Announcing the theme for 2021 – From learners to future designers
With its unifying theme, Designers of the Future, Helsinki Education Week in 2021 shifts the focus to the learners. The aim is to ask pedagogically insightful questions and find solutions that strengthen the learners’ experience of active involvement – together.
Shoes that can charge your mobile phone – Helsinki Education Week inspired and engaged many!
In the first week of November, Helsinki Education Week brought together people interested in education from all around the world.
Helsinki Education Week - Come explore innovations and learning environments!
The Explore category provides our attendees with access to various educational innovations and learning environments.
Helsinki Education Week hosts versatile networking events!
The Network category hosts various networking events with a focus on co-learning and co-creation.
Come join exciting discussion sessions at Helsinki Education Week!
The Dialogue category consists of discussion sessions based on multiple teacher and student needs.
Getting Hands On with Learning at Helsinki Education Week!
The Hands On category consists of a variety of workshops organised by teachers and students, both local and international.
Helsinki Education Week 2020 offers more than 100 online events!
Friends of education, welcome to the virtual learning festival!
Helsinki Education Week will be organised virtually in November – Submit your event proposal by 5 October
This year, Helsinki Education Week will be organised as a series of online-events. As usual, the event will take place in November, more precisely on November 2nd-6th 2020.
The whole city is a learning environment!
In Helsinki, we want to emphasise that the entire city is a learning environment – in fact, the learning environment expands beyond the city’s physical limits when digitalism and virtual reality are added in.
Panel Discussion: Assessment 2020
Join the panel discussion to hear the latest findings and insights from the field of assessment.
What does phenomenon-based learning mean in practice? Come find out!
What is phenomenon-based learning in practice at the schools of Helsinki? Helsinki Education Week provides a good opportunity to find that out, as the schools invite guests to have a look at their everyday operations.
Helsinki Education Week programme published
Over 200 upcoming events
Join us for an information event about Helsinki Education Week!
We warmly welcome you to the Helsinki City Hall on Thursday 22nd of August 14.30-16.00 to learn more about Helsinki Education Week. During the information session, you’ll hear what we learned from last year, what’s happening this year and how to get involved and host your own event!
First Round of Events for Helsinki Education Week 2019 Now Chosen
Helsinki Education Week received more than 60 event proposals this spring with diverse event proposals targeted towards Finnish, Swedish and English-speaking participants and for learners of all ages as well as for those who are interested in learning and developing it.
Helsinki Education Week Part of the Side Events for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Helsinki Education Week has been admitted to the official list of side events of Finland's Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
Helsinki Education Week to Make a Mark Again in the Finnish Capital in November
The second Helsinki Education Week will be held 4–8 November 2019. The week’s series of events will highlight the work carried out in Helsinki daycare centres, schools and other educational institutions. Last year’s Helsinki Education Week comprised more than 120 learning events held throughout the city. A large part of the programme is organized with international education experts and innovators.
How to create an event proposal?
This is how you create an excellent Helsinki Education Week event submission.
Helsinki Education Week Hits The Capital In November With Over 100 Events
The first ever Helsinki Education Week takes place 5th-9th November. It’s set to be an exciting week celebrating the work done in daycare centers, schools and educational establishments around the city. More than 100 learning events are springing up around Helsinki and much of the program is organized in collaboration with international learning experts and developers.
The Helsinki Education Week 2018 Announcement
Helsinki Education Week is being organized for the first time from November 5th to 9th 2018, by the City of Helsinki and its Education Division, in partnership with HundrED and Helsingin Sanomat. The theme of the week is excellence and equity in education – two core values of the Finnish education system.