How to create an event proposal?

Helsinki Education Week welcomes learners of all ages who are interested in developing education and learning through dynamic and engaging workshops. The events are not only aimed at international learning experts, but also the Finnish audience- particularly Helsinki teachers, pupils and parents. Everyone is invited to send in their event submission to be reviewed. This article explains the event proposal process. 

Things to remember

  1. All event submissions must be sent through Helsinki Education Week website. 

  2. Event submissions for Helsinki Education Week 2019 need to be ready for review by May 31st, 2019.

  3. Helsinki Education Week work group will review all proposals and selects the events for the official Helsinki Education Week program. 

  4. Please remember to confirm the venue of your event and check necessary requirements to organize your event in May.
  5. The Helsinki Education Week 2019 program will be published in September 2019.

Creating an event submission

Event submissions can be created by clicking the "+ Event" -button at the top of the navigation bar. You can create multiple event submissions.


You must register to the Helsinki Education Week website in order to create your event submission. If you are working in the Helsinki Education Division, you can use your work email address (edu.hel.fi) to login to the service. 

Please fill in all event information for your submission - when the program is published, the public event pages are created based on the information you have submitted to the system. All events  need to be free-of-charge for attendees and they must be aligned with Helsinki City values and strategy.

Remember to continuously save your event submission while editing it. 

You can also return to continue your work at any time by logging into the system, clicking your avatar at the top of the navigation bar and selecting the event you would like to edit. Please remember to mark your event as ready for review in the "Basic info" when your submission is complete.

Submission steps