Getting Hands On with Learning at Helsinki Education Week!

Helsinki Education Week 2020 is a week-long celebration of learning in Helsinki that highlights the great work being done in the city's daycare centres, schools and educational institutions, as well as enables collaboration with international experts in education. The week's theme is Learning by Design and the programme emphasises collaboration, wellbeing and e-learning.

The programme is divided into four different categories: Hands On, Dialogue, Network and Explore. Hands On events consist of different kinds of workshops. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make origami? Join the Origami lohikäärme workshop where 11-year-old Kasper Olin shows what origami is, how to learn it and how to fold an origami dragon. All you need is a 15x15cm origami paper and the desire to learn something new!

Have you ever encountered challenges with learning platforms? The event Luo helposti tavoitettava oppimisalusuta oppijoillesi teaches educators how to create a learning platform using Google or O365, which students can access without having to login. During the event Tunnista fakta fiktioista: mitä on informaatiosota? you will learn more about information war, future skills and why it is important to learn to distinguish between fact and fiction. This workshop, delivered by YLE journalist Jessikka Aro and facilitated by Ilona Taimela, is aimed towards lower- and upper-secondary students, as well as adult students.

The program also includes many Swedish-language events to choose from! One interesting event is Digitala verktyg i språkundervisning, where you can learn more about how to use digital tools in language teaching in order to make it  more inspiring and varied. Remember to also check out inspiring international workshops, such as those delivered by Remake Learning Days Across America. The Maker Project for Families: Building your dream room invites you and your family to build “mini rooms” together from recyclable material commonly found in your home. In the Storytelling Project for Families: Stop Motion Animation, you and your family make your own stop motion animation film!

Explore the free programme on the Helsinki Education Week website and join in to learn new things and gain insights!