Events for the guardians of learners as well

Helsinki Education Week is primarily aimed at those working in childhood and education as well as their students. However, many of the events are open to everyone, and the programme of the week features events that are sure to interest the guardians of learners as well. Please note that these events are mainly held in Finnish. 

Guardians are welcome to visit the well-being café of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute’s Myllypuro campus, where attendees will discuss the well-being, safety and communality of upper secondary education students and study communities. In turn, Oodi will showcase general upper secondary schools’ good practices for promoting well-being and learning.

At Playground Kannelmäki, attendees can visit the Tänään tavataan (‘We’ll Meet Today’) café, which is part of playgrounds’ and family houses’ activities for families with babies and small children. The operations of the café promote encounters between families with different languages and cultural backgrounds, as well as joint activities and conversations in Finnish. 

In turn, guardians of comprehensive school pupils will be provided with online events focusing on cooperation between home and school and the possibilities of parents’ activities, as well as a presentation on a digital path for learners, which will familiarise attendees with systematic and equal practice of digital skills at schools. 

Guardians can familiarise themselves with the Aula service, which provides children and young people with tools to support their learning and enables them to quickly contact their school social worker, psychologist and nurse. The service also features a chat function that facilitates conversations with health care and social service professionals outside school times as well. 

How can you identify learning difficulties, and how can you support learning and make studying smoother? The Finnish Adult Education Centre will provide a lecture focusing on learning difficulties.

You can sign up for an event of Helsinki Education Week on the event page in question. Signing up requires you to register with your email address. There is an info section for each event providing more details about the event and its target group, schedule and whether it is held online or physically on-site. 

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