Helsinki Education Week


Helsinki Education Week will be organised on online November 2nd-6th 2020.

Helsinki Education Week provides a program for learners of all ages and for everyone who is interested in learning and developing education. The week’s program includes is created together with Helsinki educators and international education specialists and innovators. The events will be open for learners, their caregivers and Helsinki citizens.

During the Helsinki Education Week, anyone interested in the future of teaching and learning – from schools to kindergartens, from teachers to pupils, to parent companies can either organize or participate in interesting events.

Helsinki Education Week has four separate program tracks: Hands-On, Dialogue, Network and Explore. 

  • The Hands-on track will have a variety of workshops organized by teachers and students, both local and international.
  • The Dialogue track will consist of a plenty of discussion sessions based on multiple teacher and student needs. 
  • The Network track will host various networking events with a focus on co-learning and co-creation, and finally 
  • The Explore track will provide our attendees access to various educational innovations and learning environments. 

The Helsinki Education Week 2020 program will be published in October.