An All-Around International Celebration Week

About a hundred experts in educational innovations from all over the world are arriving for the HundrED Innovation Summit event, which will be held on Tuesday, 31st October. Many of them want to participate in Helsinki's Learning Celebration week offerings but also want to share their expertise with the Helsinki audience and exchange thoughts with professionals from the northern Pisa country. Below are a few highlights from the events of the foreign experts visiting during the week

Exploring Thriving Through Creative Arts

In this event, adults are encouraged to embrace creativity and utilise it to help learners find their strengths. The participants get a chance to explore their inner selves with familiar and new sides of themselves with the aid of art. The goal of this event is to look into innovative learning methods, and share and witness individual creativity while gaining an understanding of how creative arts can empower individuals and enhance life skills.

Global Dialogues for Sustainable Education: Empowering Teachers and Students in ESD

This event on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is aimed at teachers, students, leaders and professionals inviting them to work together. The event's aim is to aid the discussions of these groups, share worldwide perspectives and equip the participants with innovative tools to use for promoting sustainability in education. No matter whether the participants are seasoned veterans of the subject or just new beginners, this event promises to inspire them to carry out meaningful impacts in and out of their classrooms.  

Achieving Harmony: Negotiation Skills for Educators

Teachers function frequently as negotiators in their day-to-day lives with students, parents, school administration and other teachers. The results of these negotiations have a massive impact on the quality of teaching. The two-hour-long workshop aims to offer tips for teachers on how to embrace the “everybody wins” or win-win approach when dealing with problems. During the workshop, there will be an overview of the theory of negotiation skills and a short negotiation simulation with the aid of a mobile platform.

Compassion and Inclusion in Music Education

In this event about compassion and inclusion, the participants get to engage in discussion and actively listen to each other on their opinions, experiences and thoughts relating to how compassion and inclusion can be seen in music education. Nowadays young people face a great deal of pressure to mould into a specific mould of perfection while putting extra emphasis on academic success before anything else. This often leads to young people losing their individuality and uniqueness, while on the other hand success in adulthood is often measured by a person's individuality, uniqueness and listening to one's own calling.

Why do children struggle with reading and how parents and teachers can help them

Linguistic and EdTech entrepreneur Anna Levinzon is hosting a workshop focusing on the difficulties some 6-11 -year-old children face with reading, and how it can affect their academic performance. During the event, Anna introduces scientific research on children's reading habits and offers concrete techniques that could help children in developing a love for reading.