3D Learning Environment

In previous years, a large number of international education professionals have participated in Helsinki Education Week. During the course of the event week, they have attended various events and visited and learned more about the work being done in Helsinki daycare centres, schools and educational institutions.

We want to give both international and Finnish participants the chance to visit learning environments virtually in Helsinki. We do this by making the learning environments available in 3D format! 

Come and explore the virtual learning environment! 

The 3D Learning Environment is open to everyone interested throughout the week. 

Early Childhood Education

In Helsinki, early childhood education is organised in daycare centres (also in the form of shift care), as family daycare and playgroup club activities.  

Visit the virtual spaces of early childhood education in Helsinki here: 

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Comprehensive Education

Comprehensive school is a part of the lives of all children and young people living in Finland. Compulsory schooling means that the child completes comprehensive education. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the child completes compulsory schooling. 

The City of Helsinki provides each child with a placement in the family’s local school. There are also private schools and state schools in Helsinki.  

Visit the virtual spaces of comprehensive education in Helsinki here: 

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General Upper Secondary Education

Students at general upper secondary schools study a wide variety of subjects including their first language and foreign languages, mathematics and sciences, arts and social sciences, religion or ethics, health education, physical education, and crafts and art. 

City of Helsinki general upper secondary schools allow students to focus on certain studies. Six schools provide extensive offerings in certain subjects defined by a national programme for school specialization: visual art, sciences, languages, performing arts, physical education, and music and dance. Students can pick courses from their own school, schools of the same general upper secondary school campus and, in some subjects, all general upper secondary schools in Helsinki. They can also study online at the Helsinki eCampus (Stadin eKampus). 

Visit the virtual spaces of general upper secondary education in Helsinki here: 

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Temporary Learning Facilities

During renovation or new construction, education services are moved to temporary learning facilities, where the learning takes place until the actual or new space can be returned to. 

Visit the virtual temporary learning facilities in Helsinki here: 

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