Photography and highlight sharing of the events

We encourage everyone to take photos and capture the amazing feeling of the week! Sharing of these moments is also encouraged, but especially sharing and recording visual material from events requiers good knowledge of the rule on photogrphy. Please get familiriased with the City of Helsinki’s Photography and photo permits. Here are some easy photography priciple to remember:

  • If the event has children, you will need a special permit to shoot photos with children in them if they are recognisible in the pictures.
  • If you take pictures of or around schools, daycares or private property, you need to have a photo permit.
  • If you are in a public area and take pictures of adults, taking picture and publishing them is allowed as long as the pictures are respectful to the people and their actions in the picture.
  • If you are not organising the event you want to photograph, remember to ask permission for photography from the event organiser.

Easy and good pictures are e.g. photos of working hands, materials made during the events (posters, painting etc.) that can’t be traced back to the creator or pictures from situations where you can’t recognise people, groups or educational institution buildings. However you are more than welcome to take a selfie of yourself in the event ambiance and post it. 

By using the mentioned hashtags in your social media posts they will reach other people who are interested of the week.

  • #helsinkioppii
  • #helsingforslärsig
  • #helsinkieducationweek

If you are producing material for the news or some other media outlet, lease familiarize yourself with the instructions of shooting material with children in them (Can be found in Finnish and Swedish) made by the Finnish Journalism Union.