Helsinki Education Week is over – “The best part was getting to share knowledge”

The fourth Helsinki Education Week was held in the first week of November. The event week gathered more than 1,700 participants from around the world who came to learn about the skills required in the future. The 96 events that took place during the week provided an opportunity to learn about sustainable development and discover the secrets of coding, and to establish contacts with domestic and international teaching professionals.

“It was fun to be a teacher to other students”

It became apparent during the week that the participants were deeply interested in sustainable development. At the launch of a book on early childhood education, the new Kettu model was introduced, which can be used to concretely promote sustainable development together with children. The event attracted more than a hundred participants.

Students from class 4B in Puistopolku primary school in Vuosaari, Helsinki held several Scratch coding workshops during the week. The students found the workshops exciting and rewarding. “It was fun to teach, to be a bit like a teacher to other students,” says Noora . Many of the students said they had been a bit nervous in advance, but things turned out well and they learned a lot. “I was really proud of myself and really happy to be able to teach others,” one student noted.

Students also played various roles in the design and implementation of the workshops. Liya says she filled in for a classmate as a coding teacher: “I was excited, even though I had to instruct the whole coding group without practice because my friend got sick. But it was fun!”

Professional skills from around the world

Virtual tours in English were also held during the week to various education and training units in Helsinki. In addition, future skills and both creative and critical thinking were discussed with international learning experts.

The Finnish school system was discussed during the Finnish Educators Connect - What does Finnish Learning Look Like? event. Australian and Finnish principals met in turn at the Finland/Australia/World Principals Connect event. “It was an absolute pleasure to share leadership ideas in English with Australian colleagues. In Finnish schools we are making great strides in inclusion, diverse assessment, special education processes and the teaching of emotional and interaction skills. It is nice to discuss these topics and answer questions,” says Jutta-Riina Karhunen, principal of Itäkeskus primary school.

Teacher and pedagogical expert Malin Kuusela was pleased with the opportunity to discuss Finnish learning. “The best thing about the event was definitely the warm atmosphere. It was lovely to meet international colleagues and it was a pleasure to tell them about the Finnish school system. The interest was genuine,” says Kuusela.

We would like to thank all the participants and event organizers who made Helsinki Education Week a true celebration of learning and community. Until next time!

Helsinki Education Week is a celebration of learning that provides a events for learners of all ages and for everyone who is interested in learning and developing education. The event week takes place in November, and it is created together with Helsinki educators and international education specialists and innovators. During the Helsinki Education Week, anyone interested in the future of teaching and learning – from schools to daycare centres, from teachers to pupils, and from parents and guardians to companies – can either organise or participate in events.