Panel Discussion: Assessment 2020

Assessment is one of the hot topics in education. Educators around the world are wondering which are the best ways to assess their students. New solutions with portfolio assessment, self assessment and reflection have been getting more interest from educators around the world. At the same time there have been a lot of discussion around standardized testing and how it affects to the learning outcomes.

Panel speakers are

- Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, Counsellor for Education, Finland

- Anneli Rautiainen, National administration of Education, Finland

- Sirkku Kupiainen, Centre for Educational Assessment ,

Coordinator, Department of Education, University of Helsinki

- Malin Nordström, classroom teacher, expert teacher in assesment and portfolio team.

Other panelists will be announced later.

Mr. Petteri Roiha, teamleader of assesment and portfolio expert teachers will host the panel discussion.

Panel discussion will be at Tennispalatsi (Salomonkatu 15) on Wednesday 6th of November . Event's main language is English. 

Join the panel discussion  to hear the latest findings and insights from the field of assessment.