More than 100 events that are full of future skills, sustainable development and – foxes!

The Helsinki Education Week programme of events has been published! The selection of more than 100 events has something for all teachers, learners and parents interested in skills for the future. Click to join this virtual celebration of learning, held in the first week of November, at: helsinkieducationweek.com/en/events.

Here are our top tips for nine workshops and discussion sessions during the week.

How does one teach and learn skills for the future?

Schools prepare us for the future. In addition to the compulsory subjects, we all need various skills to help us navigate through this ever-changing world. Helsinki Education Week provides an in-depth exploration of the skills of the future: the best practices for learning, thinking, creating and doing things together.

Ways of shaping a sustainable and equal future are the topic of the Phenomenon-Based Learning Helps Learners to Shape Sustainable Future discussion session for Helsinki-based teachers and international specialists. The Missing Dimension to Early Childhood Education event explores, from an early childhood education and preschool perspective, how children could be given a foundation in psycho-social wellbeing, social justice and lifelong success.

In the Teachers after Pandemic – True Stories from Hel and beyond event, Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch teachers get to meet each other and talk about their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Take a virtual tour of educational institutions in Helsinki

Would you like to see inside Helsinki’s educational institutions? Take a virtual tour of Daycare Centre Franzénia, Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School, Vuosaari Upper Secondary School and the Meritalo unit and Prinsessantie unit of Stadin AO, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute.

EdTech from HEL – Towards Best Practices in Co-creation puts the learner at the centre and takes them on an in-depth journey to discover the best practices of co-development. The Anti-Workshop invites you to consider how an online learning experience can be fun, inspiring and disruptive. They promise “No Zoombies here”.

How can we improve inclusion in the classroom and beyond?

The experience of inclusion increases the wellbeing of learners and their faith in the future and their own capabilities. That is why the people holding the Helsinki Education Week events are the learners and educators themselves.

The students of class 4B in Puistopolku primary school in Helsinki teach third- to sixth-graders the basics of programming in virtual Scratch workshops. Månsas lågstadieskola, Staffansby lågstadieskola and Kottby lågstadieskola are the co-hosts of the week-long Läs – Lue – Read reading event, which offers reading tips and information on the positive effects of reading.

Interested in making music? Music educator Markku Kaikkonen and the musicians of Resonaarigroup, a pop and rock group consisting of professional musicians with disabilities, will be giving rhythm exercises to learners of all levels and abilities.

Which events would you like to attend?
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