The first events of the programme for 2023 have been published!

Helsinki Education Week, held at the end of October, is rapidly approaching. There is still time until September 15 to submit your event proposals. Unlike in previous years, event proposals will not be published all at once when the deadline for submission closes. Instead, the first events will be published on the website in August to serve as inspiration for individuals considering organizing an event. 

"It would be fantastic to include events organized by young people"

"We have received dozens of event proposals, and the festival week seems to be quite versatile already," says Tommi Tiittala, the head of the program team and pedagogical expert from the City of Helsinki. "So far, the events we have received cover the entire spectrum of target audiences in the field of education, ranging from early childhood education to adult education, and they are available to both Finnish and English-speaking audiences."

Events will be organized on topics such as STEAM elective courses and phenomenon-based learning, learning difficulties, digital environments and tools, adult learning in Helsinki, creativity, and the climate crisis. Accepted events will be published on the website by the end of September. Participants can sign up for their desired events until the day of the event itself.

"We hope to receive more event proposals for the Swedish-speaking audience, and it would be fantastic to also include events organized or conceived by young people. However, we gladly welcome all kinds of event proposals for the target audiences and topics already in the program. The threshold for organizing is very low, so participation in one way or another is a plus," Tiittala states.

The program for the Helsinki Education Week will continue to build on the www.helsinkieducationweek.com website, where anyone can submit their own event for evaluation done by those responsible for organizing the event week. In the last event held in 2021, around a hundred different events were accepted, attracting thousands of participants from around Helsinki and dozens of education professionals from abroad.

You can find the published events on the "Programme" page.