Helsinki Education Week - Come explore innovations and learning environments!

Helsinki Education Week 2020 is a week-long celebration of learning in Helsinki that highlights the great work being done in the city's daycare centres, schools and educational institutions, as well as enables collaboration with international experts in education. The week's theme is Learning by Design and the programme emphasises collaboration, wellbeing and e-learning.

The programme is divided into four different categories: Hands On, Dialogue, Network and Explore. The Explore category delves into educational innovations and various learning environments. 

The Motionsutmaning / Liikuntahaaste event, co-organised by Månsas and Kottby primary schools, engages you in different exercise challenges, which you can do both alone and in groups. This event will really get your feet moving! 

The events Livestriimattu opastus luokkahuoneessa (Finnish) and Virtualbesök på Nationalmuseet (Swedish) offer a slightly calmer experience. In the Finnish language event, you will get acquainted with Eeto Iston’s iconic painting Hyökkäys and take a look other works that depict the Finnish spirit of protest during the Russification period. Furthermore, the event provides a general presentation of how live-guided tours can be used to support teaching. The Swedish-language event guides you through the exhibition the Story of Finland. Welcome to visit the National Musem of Finland in a new and exciting way! 

The world of music can be explored in an innovative way at the Lauttaraasen Musiikkiopisto-events Musiikkia koodamalla 1 ja Musiikkia koodamalla 2. These events introduce you to coding and present how Sonic Pi can be used as a programming environment to interact with students.  

Are you interested in science and the environment? The AimHi Live Lessons are organised for primary school children as well as students over the age of 14, together with their teachers. AimHi is an online school where everyone can learn, interact and be inspired by exceptional educators and charismatic role models. Come explore new, innovative ways to learn and teach! 

How does a new learning environment through work-based learning experiences sound? The event Ammattiin Speedway to Work -polkua pitkin? provides an opportunity to get to know what learning in the working life means, and what the opportunities for real insights the workplace, the work community and real contacts with customers can offer. Additionally, there will be a virtual tour of a Speedway to Work –path in the workplace of a nurse. The event is organised twice, so choose the time that suits you the best and join in! 

Explore the full programme on the Helsinki Education Week website and join in to learn new things and gain insights!