Residents of Helsinki woke up to a snowy morning but the atmosphere in the city is warm despite the signs of winter. Altogether there are roughly a couple thousand participants in this week's events ranging from preschoolers to adults. All the event participants will receive a reminder to their emails about 24 hours before the event and again an hour before the event starts. So events that have more than 24 hours until the start can still be signed up for participation.

At the end of the week all of the participants will receive a feedback form that can be filled with all the experiences and feedback of the week. 

Have a great week full of learning in Helsinki!

Kids in Kasvari

Picture: “Eläimet opettavat ja luovat hyvinvointia koulun puutarhassa”-event, Vesala Comprehensive School. The school hamsters were admired in aw by the visiting preschooler group.