Participating in events

Registration for event participation is done with individual user profiles, that you can create through the helsinkieducationweek.com website by clicking the “sign up” button in the right upper corner. 

You can utilise e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yle or Microsoft account information in creating an account for Helsinki Education Week. You can also use your private email to create an account.  If you are an employee of Helsinki Education Division (@edu.hel.fi), you can log in by clicking on the Google or Microsoft login symbol below: if this does not work, then try to create an account instead using the @hel.fi -email. Teachers from Espoo can create their accounts using their @eduespoo.fi email through the Google sign-up. 

After you have created an account you can log in from the same corner as the registration button was. The login option is also visible on every event page.

After logging in you can register your attendance at an event you are interested in. You can cancel your attendance also on the page of the event you wanted to attend. If you want to attend an event with a group you need to register your awn attendance first and then add you groups number of attendees. You can access every event you have registered for own your own page from “My events”.