Organise an event as part of the Helsinki Education Week’s program

During the Helsinki Education Week, you can organize events related to the week's theme. Events for the week's official offering can be submitted for reviewing on this website under "Create an event".

Who are the events for? Where and when should they be organised?

The events are primarily aimed at Helsinki teachers, pupils, parents and city residents, as well as international education experts. As the event organizer, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary premises and permits. The events can be held anywhere during the week.

Please note that the events must have a pedagogical dimension and cannot be sales or marketing events for new products or services. Remember to create your program proposal with your target audience in mind.

How can you submit your event?

If you want your event to be included in the official program, submit an event proposal to us, including:

  • The name and main language of the event
  • The location of the event (in person and/or online) and the date and time
  • Target groups
  • The program
  • Your contact information

You can create an event proposal by clicking on the "Create an event" tab in the top navigation.

Creating a proposal requires authentication using, for example, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yle or Microsoft credentials. Authentication can also be done by registering as a user using your own email address.

You can save your proposal and return to complete it before sending it in for review. The proposal will be saved in your own events, which you can find by logging into the system, clicking your avatar at the top of the navigation bar and selecting the event you would like to edit. Please remember to mark your event as ready for review in the "Basic info" when your submission is complete.

How are events selected for the program?

Event proposals can be submitted until September 15th. The Helsinki Education Week work group regularly reviews event proposals and selects the final events to be included in the program, notifying the event organizers personally of the acceptance of the event as part of the program. The finished program for The Helsinki Education Week will be published in September 2023.