How do I attend a virtual event?

Helsinki Education Week is being planned as a hybrid event week at the moment. The aim is to organise both virtual and normal events, if the pandemic situation allows that. The programme for Helsinki Education Week 2021 will be published in October. 

Explore the free programme and pick out the events that interest you the most! The programme can be filtered by target group, category, date and language. Register for the events you find most interesting by clicking on "I'd like to participate" on the event page.

Event Participation Link

Registered attendees will receive an email with the event participation link (Teams, Google, Skype or Other platform) 1 day before the event. An email reminder with the participation link will also be sent out 1 hour before the event. 

The event participation link will additionally be published on the event page 1 day before the event! This link is only visible and accessible to those who have registered for the event.

We ask you to please not share the event participation link with anyone else.

Checklist for event attendees

It is always good to repeat a few practical tips for attending a virtual event. Here is a short checklist for making your virtual experience a productive and positive one!

Make sure your tech is ready. Log in early to test your audio and video, and check that the applications you need are up to date and working. Ensure that your Internet connection is strong.

Mark the event into your calendar and be on time. Treat the event as if it would be a physical one and be respectful of other people’s time.

Remember good etiquette for virtual events. Mute your microphone when you are not talking. Ask for the floor as the organiser has instructed. When the audience is asked for inputs, don’t be afraid to speak up and participate in the discussion. 

Be in the moment and enjoy the experience! Engage with the content and try not to multitask.

Give feedback if the organiser asks for it.