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Test your math skills with virtual tutor

30.10.2023 klockan 07:30 - 3.11.2023 klockan 23:00 EET
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Open all week! Test your skills any time at

It is also possible to try the skill gap test with your class!

Skill gap test
Don't waste time and motivation on the wrong things! In math, everything builds on the previous things you have learned. If you have missed something, it becomes difficult to learn the next.

Personalized path
Gemma will point you to the exercises you should do and the theory you must learn. As you fix one skill gap at a time, you will see that the math you are struggling with becomes easier and easier to understand.

Math checker
Write your calculations easily and check every step of your own calculation!

See your progress
The map of mathematics shows you the most important concepts and skills you should master. As you practice and complete sessions you will see your progress on the map.


Datum: 30.10.2023 - 3.11.2023

Tid: 07:30 - 23:00 EET

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Målgrupp: Grundskola, Gymnasium, Yrkesutbildning, Vuxenstuderande, Lärare, Föräldrar.

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Organisationens namn: eMathStudio

Kontaktperson: Ida Rönnlund