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Seppo - Welcome to the magical world of gamification!

31.10.2023 klockan 14:00 - 14:45 EET
Evenemangsplats: Helsinki Education Hub
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💡 Why Seppo? 

Seppo is designed to promote active learning, boost student engagement, and encourage collaboration. It allows educators to create games that align perfectly with their teaching objectives while providing a memorable learning experience for students of all ages.

💡 About

Seppo is a pioneering Finnish company at the forefront of revolutionizing education through gamification. Our platform empowers educators to transform traditional learning experiences into engaging, interactive adventures. With Seppo, teachers can seamlessly integrate gamified elements into their lessons, making education not just informative but also incredibly fun! ✨

What to Expect: 

You will have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of Seppo and discover how it can enhance your teaching methods. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Introduction to Seppo: Gain insights into the platform's features, its origins, and how it has been transforming learning worldwide.
  • Creating Games with Seppo: Learn how you can make engaging educational games with Seppo. You can choose from pre-made templates or customize them to fit your teaching needs. Seppo makes learning fun, your way!
  • Try out: Play a game designed by Finnish teachers🏆


Evenemangsplats Helsinki Education Hub Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki, Finland

Datum: 31.10.2023

Tid: 14:00 - 14:45 EET

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Målgrupp: Förskola, Grundskola, Gymnasium, Yrkesutbildning, Vuxenstuderande, Lärare, Ledare, Internationella deltagare, Företag.


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Kontaktperson: Anna-Mari Jääskeläinen