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Revolutionize Video-Based Learning With AI: Practical ways educators can boost learning & engagement

1.11.2023 klockan 16:00 - 17:00 EET
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Passive video consumption has long been proven ineffective at engaging learners and facilitating deep understanding, a challenge that has become even more prominent since the onset of COVID-19. Furthermore, the manual creation of tests and the collection of engagement and learning statistics are arduous tasks. Despite the abundance of excellent educational video content available on platforms like YouTube, the transformation of these resources into active, engaging, and data-driven learning experiences remains a significant challenge for both educators and learners.

This workshop is designed to tackle the fundamental issue of engaging students in the digital age, where video content is abundant yet often falls short in delivering a productive learning experience. It will cover the following key topics:

- Understanding the limitations of passive video consumption.

- Recognizing the critical importance of engagement and leveraging data-driven insights.

- Exploring the capabilities of AI in enhancing video content.

- Harnessing AI to swiftly generate formative assessments and make video-based learning more data-driven.

Participants will have the opportunity to actively participate in hands-on activities and engage in discussions, ensuring that they acquire practical skills.

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Datum: 1.11.2023

Tid: 16:00 - 17:00 EET

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