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Knowledge Kaleidoscope: Empowering Minds Through Peer Teaching

31.10.2023 klockan 11:30 - 13:30 EET
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Join us for an exciting event that celebrates the power of student agency and peer teaching as effective pedagogical approaches. We are thrilled to present a showcase where students take the center stage as they demonstrate their abilities as both learners and educators.

Event Highlights:

Peer-Teaching Videos: Be prepared to be amazed as students from different grade levels step into the role of teachers. Through carefully designed lesson plans and interactive activities, these student-teachers will showcase their knowledge, skills, and understanding of various subjects. From mathematics to literature, each session will provide a unique opportunity to witness the incredible growth and creativity of our students.

Stories of change: Don't miss the inspiring stories of our students who have taken initiative and pursued their passions beyond the traditional curriculum. The book will tell you their experiences, projects, and innovative ideas that they have developed through self-directed learning. These stories will inspire others to explore their own interests and take ownership of their education.

Q&A Panel: Engage in a thought-provoking Q&A session with us. This discussion will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the benefits of peer-teaching and how it empowers students to become active contributors to their own learning and how student agency can be achieved through different such opportunities. Prepare your questions and be ready for an enlightening conversation!

Exhibition of Student Work: Immerse yourself in the creative displays and exhibits showcasing student work from various subjects and disciplines. From artwork and science project to written composition, this exhibition will demonstrate the diverse talents and achievements of our students.

Networking and Celebration: Share your experiences, ideas, and best practices while celebrating the achievements of our students. This networking session will create opportunities for collaboration and further exploration of student-centered teaching methodologies.

We invite all educators, parents, students, and community members to join us in this celebration of student agency through peer-teaching. Prepare to be inspired by the incredible abilities, creativity, and enthusiasm of our young learners. Together, let's support and encourage student agency to shape the future of education.


Datum: 31.10.2023

Tid: 11:30 - 13:30 EET

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Målgrupp: Grundskola, Lärare, Ledare, Föräldrar, Företag.

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Organisationens namn: Involve learning solutions foundation