Gör och testa

Exploring Thriving through Creative Arts

30.10.2023 klockan 13:00 - 15:00 EET
Evenemangsplats: Swedish Adult Education Centre, Helsingfors arbis
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In educational settings often, learners are invited to unlock their creativity and we expect them to learn from others and look for their strengths within. Ever wondered what it takes for an adult to make this possible for those learners? How do adults facilitating such spaces for a young person take creative risks to make it meaningful for the learners? It demands one to challenge parts of themselves to be who they may have apprehensions about or may also be unfamiliar with.   

This event is a call for adults to experience some familiar and unfamiliar parts of themselves through a creative arts process.  

What one can expect from this event:  

- Experience creative ways to gather for learning to happen. 

- Get to know and witness each other’s colourful sides.  

- Build an insight around how creative arts can be used to empower one to thrive and build life skills.  

Have fun.  

Attention! If you are signing up as a group of teachers, remember to set yourself as the attendee and add the number of additional attendees (group size) via the button "Add group".


Evenemangsplats Swedish Adult Education Centre, Helsingfors arbis Dagmarinkatu 3, Helsinki, Finland

Datum: 30.10.2023

Tid: 13:00 - 15:00 EET

Välj typ av evenemang: Gör och testa

Målgrupp: Vuxenstuderande, Lärare, Ledare, Föräldrar, Internationella deltagare, Öppet evenemang, Företag.


Organisationens namn: Dream a Dream

Kontaktperson: Tania