Helsinki Education Week

Teachers after Pandemic – True Stories from Hel and beyond

3.11.2021 kello 19:00 - 20:00 EET
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Global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the education sector in a profound way. On one hand it has been a massive catalyst for digitalization in education. On the other hand the pandemic has shed light on the deficient digital knowledge among many educators, not only in regards to skills, but also when it comes to interaction and communication with the students online.

What have we learned? This session is targeted on teachers and educational professionals working in the K12-sector in Europe. 

Freeed is  36 000 + strong teachers community with strong presence in Finland. This session is a facilitated online event where teachers meet and discuss about the lessons learned from the pandemic. This event is organized with Freeed (Finland) Pålogga (Norway) and Tool for Pedagogy (The Netherlands)


Päivä: 3.11.2021

Aika: 19:00 - 20:00 EET

Tapahtuman tyyppi: Network

Kohderyhmä: Peruskoulu, Lukio, Opettajat, Johtajat.

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Yhteyshenkilö: Heikki Rusama


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