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The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies would like to present its approach on the future of education. TUMO is a free-of-charge informal education platform that puts teens in charge of their own learning. With over 10 centers and 20,000 students worldwide, the program gives students the freedom, flexibility and motivation that makes them want to learn.

The TUMO program is made up of self-learning activities, workshops and project labs that cover over 20 focus areas in technology, art, design and climate. There are no student cohorts at TUMO – students of all ages, social background and interests work together at various times in different workshops and labs; no entrance exams, requirements or fees – all applicants are accepted free of charge; no grades – students do not compete with each other, but are rather motivated to gain access to their favorite workshops and labs, and to level up, as they would in a video game; and no certificate of completion – instead, each student's work is automatically uploaded to their online portfolio, which becomes their living diploma.

Fundamental to the success of consensual learning, of a “walk-away pedagogy” that does not require education to be compulsory, is learning efficiency, which we define as the ratio of how well we learn a relatively difficult concept to how much time it takes us to learn it.

Learning efficiency varies significantly between schools and across topics, teachers and students. We like to point out that kids often hate to study but they almost invariably love to learn. And making learning hyper-efficient can make walk-away pedagogy work: Kids would stick around, because they would value very highly the possibility of quickly mastering difficult topics that they can’t help but find fascinating. And that is exactly the kind of learning outcomes educators aim for.

In its online event, TUMO will dive deeper into its approaches on consensual learning and its "walk-away pedagogy" and will try to answer some questions on how we will learn in the future.


Date: 2.11.2021

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 EET

Event type: Explore

Target group: Teachers, Leaders, Parents, International attendees, Open event, Educational entrepreneurs.

Tool for online-event: google


Contact person: Pegor Papazian


Phone number: +37477979797