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Experiential Learning Programs for 15 to 18-year-olds - Hybrid Humanities and STEM Skills Design

3.11.2021 at 09:00 - 10:00 EET
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Hi and thank you for registering for my webinar. 

All of the information I presented is available on a Blog Post on the website:

A recording of the webinar can be viewed here:


The event is hosted by the program designer, Greg Twemlow, an internationally experienced senior executive with extensive knowledge of competency-based skills development. 

Participants in this event will be introduced to an innovative experiential learning program with many use-cases, and a proven impact on young people from the age of 15-years and older.

Skills Studio is a program that is running in Sydney, Australia. Skills Studio develops key life skills for people of all ages. This event will focus on the relevance for students 15 to 18-years of age. 

The Skills Studio program can be taught as two themes, focused on Humanities or STEM skills. Both streams, Humanities, and STEM comprise nine skills, four of which are common to both streams. The skills equip people to explore their innate potential in the 21st century and to understand their strengths and interests.

The programs share 4 common skills that enable a hybrid program starting with the common skills and then branching to Humanities or STEM skills, reflecting the interests of the learner. More information is available at

This event will provide attendees with:

1. an overview of the pedagogical model that underpins the program design

2. an understanding of the design of the learning program, being 14-hours of experiential learning 

3. an introduction to the assessment process focusing on quantitative assessments of the 27 behaviors or deltas associated with the nine skills 

4. an overview of the impact of the program on all stakeholders, including, senior school staff, teachers, students, parents, and the local  community

5. an explanation of the pathways that open for ongoing skills reinforcement


Date: 3.11.2021

Time: 09:00 - 10:00 EET

Event type: Visit and explore

Target group: Upper secondary school, Vocational, Teachers, Parents.

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