Helsinki Education Week
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Discussing Self-Directed Learning

3.11.2021 at 18:00 - 20:00 EET
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In this event we will host a discussion with different interested people and experts on self-directed learning. The discussion aims to offer different understandings and views on this concept and how it can take place in the classrooms and different educational settings. Going from theoretical to practical point of views we aim on hosting a multi-faceted discussion on this (often controversial) idea.

In addition to the panel discussion, there will be time for an interactive discussion and Q&A with the audience.


The facilitators of the discussion:

Sami Määttä is a mathematics teacher graduate who is interested in the different ways education is thought of and practised. His interests include mathematics tasks that facilitate flexible thinking and how assessment can be done to empower the learner and to take control of their learning. He has facilitated a number of events regarding self-actualization and dialogues around different subjects such as resilience in government organizations and experiences among new workers in the government.

Bruno Gioia Sandler is a teacher student finishing his Master’s studies as a Primary Education Teacher at the University of Oulu. His interests are connected with democratic, self-directed and consent-based education and he is currently writing his Master’s thesis exploring these concepts and how they relate to the Finnish education. He is active with different education-related international groups and has presented in a variety of online conferences. 


The 5 panelists of the discussion:

Je'anna Clements is a mother, author, conference speaker, education facilitator and facilitation trainer in the field of Self-Directed Education, and is a co-founder of Riverstone Village, Africa's first Sudbury-inspired SDE learning community. Her book "What if School Creates DYSlexia?" is available on Amazon in English and French from publisher Le Hetre Myriadis.

Saara Tikkakoski has a master's degree in English language and culture with a subject teacher's pedagogical studies as one of her minors along with German and psychology. Her current position is in the field of IT, she works as a technical writer, copywriter, and social media manager in a software company.

Nadia Erlendson is an early years educator with 8 years experience in international schools. With a passion for education as liberation, she has spent her career learning about play, self-regulation, gender expansive spaces, sex education in early years, and self-directed education. Currently, Nadia is a parent coach and educator mentor while she researches alternative communal systems and the ways in which they connect to self-reliance and education while offering a self-directed education to her own children.

Pasi Savola, Math & Chemistry teacher for 5 years, while also being the school’s ICT -coordinator for a few years. Nowadays an Edtech entrepreneur closely working with self-directed learning and motivation in math.

Juhani Katajamäki is a class teacher and he has a second degree in Psychology (BSc). He currently works with international projects at Qridi. His pedagogy is defined by the student-centered, inquiry and phenomena based approach. He has also done education export at the Qatar-Finland International School in Doha, where he helped to define and develop the Finnish education system as a vice principal. At Qridi he is thrilled to continue to help teachers help their students understand and take ownership of their own learning.


Date: 3.11.2021

Time: 18:00 - 20:00 EET

Event type: Discuss and listen

Target group: Adult students, Teachers, Leaders, Parents, International attendees, Educational entrepreneurs.

Tool for online-event: teams