Helsinki Education Week
Do and try

Alien Talks - A workshop to develop skills for critical thinking

2.11.2021 at 11:30 - 12:30 EET
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This event is a mode to help the learners develop their systems and critical thinking skill. 

Some aliens have visited earth and are somehow able to speak in english. They have asked some humans to take them around the earth. Aliens ask questions which may be very obvious for humans or even in their blindspots and humans have to answer those questions in easiest way possible.

Here the people in team alien have to ask very basic questions about the scenario like if shown a football stadium they can ask what is that round object, why humans are making, temporary contact with it and why they making strange/co-ordinated movement? and so on the the people in team human have to explain in simplest terms possible so that no questions are possible.

Everybody will be divided into two teams and we will have three scenarios of 12 minutes each for conversations. The rest of 24 minutes will be used for introduction, team formation and final debriefing and sharing how everybody felt and what they learnt.


Date: 2.11.2021

Time: 11:30 - 12:30 EET

Event type: Do and try

Target group: Upper secondary school, Vocational, Adult students, International attendees, Open event.

Tool for online-event: google