Helsinki Education Week

This event aims to introduce LOL (Link Online Learners).

What better way to do it than by recreating some of our members favorite games, conversation topics and ice breakers for our online guests!

What is LOL?

We host a series of weekly live link ups between young people of different cultures from all around the world. LOL chats are where your own culture and way of living connects you to the coolest house party playdate full of learning, empathy-building and healthy international mindfulness. LOL breaks down national barriers and has been recognized by the OECD.

Link Online Learners is more than a zoom hangout of young people from 35+ countries

It is a global youth network where young people (ages 10-18) can join together at the global table – and that includes YOU!

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Date: 4.11.2020

Time: 09:00 - 10:00 EET

Event type: Explore

Target group: Basic Education, Upper secondary school, Vocational, Teachers, Leaders, Parents, International attendees, Open event, Educational entrepreneurs.


Contact person: Hector Grimaldo


Phone number: +840327574593